Well water

Can we use Well water?

  • Yes I know a few of my clients that have well’s on their property.
  • Some of them use it for gardening and a few use it for household.
  • They have change over from municipality water to the well water.
  • Their main focus is to get off the grid.

Is Well water safe to drink?

  • Yes and No!
  • The yes is when you have tested your well water at an accredited laboratory.
  • The next step is to act on the report and solve the problem areas with the correct application.
  • No is to use the well water without even test it.
  • When some elements that have high readings.
  • Elements that is higher than the standard is something to be concerned about.
  • It could cause liver, kidney or other diseases.
  • It does not manifest in a few months but take time to manifest.  

Drinking well water.

  • Drinking well water that is safe to drink is the best you can get.
  • The important factor is the testing and rectifying of the well water.
  • When the well water is been treated it is better than any other water you can get.
  • If the well water is of such a quality that you don’t even have to treat it.
  • That water is the healthiest.
  • The municipality water is treated but the sewerage water that’s been treated is also been added to the water.
  • All the chemicals and medicine the people use is still in the water that the municipality provide.
  • I don’t want to drink other people’s medicine that they discharged in the water.
  • What about all the hormones that is present in the water. 
  • Well water would have none of that stuff in.
  • I would drink a thousand times from a well than from municipality.

Well water treatment.

  • We would assist you if you want to treat your well water.
  • To change over to well water is better than using municipality water.
  • There is only a few important steps you must follow to have safe well water.


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